Placing artificial intelligence at the forefront of medical operative needs.

Designed with interoperability with your existing EHR, EMR, and software solutions in mind.

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Physician notes – “Colonoscopy to evaluate the colon for presence of polyps or tumors”

Patient notes – “I have lower back pain, a right knee reconstruction, and had my left hand repaired”

Text degradation – “low bck pn, rght kne recnstrction, lft hnd repard”


  • ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS, CPT short, and CPT codes processed simultaneously
  • Voice to text recognition on applicable smart phones and tablets
  • Fuzzy searching – dyslexic friendly – no exact spelling needed
  • Generalized query for specific results
  • Both web access (PC/Mac/Linux) and smartphone + tablet access